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New Article Databases and Modifications to Existing Electronic Resources (2017): January 2017

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Off Campus Access

When you are off campus and you select a link to an online resource from the Woodward Library website, you will be prompted to provide your Last name (username) and "A number" (password) to login.


 If you have problems accessing resources from off campus, please contact us

New Journals added to the Sage Premier 2017 Collection

New Journals added to Sage Premier 2017 are now available in electronic full-text at APSU.

The license for the renewal of Sage Premier 2017 has been approved and we now have access to around 60 new subscription titles (not available in the previous version) 30 new open access titles, and current issues for around 800 existing titles.  Gold Rush has uploaded the new holdings and they should now show up in Find Periodicals and “Search for full-text” queries.

Below is a spreadsheet showing the list of new titles added to our holdings for the Gold Rush entry “Sage Premier 2016”.  Many of these titles are not available full-text in any other resource without an embargo period.  Those without ISSN numbers are considered open access titles.

New Cambridge and Oxford Journals

New Journals from Oxford and Cambridge are now available in electronic full-text at APSU.

The online journal titles below have been added through individual subscriptions to the library collection beginning this month.  They should now be available for access through Gold Rush Find Periodicals and “search for full-text” queries.

From Oxford Journals:

-Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology

-Public Opinion Quarterly

From Cambridge Journals:

-Political Analysis

-Politics & Gender

-Social Philosophy & Policy

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