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Management 5000 Research Guide: Course Resources

Key Electronic Resources

Off Campus Access

When you are off campus and you select a link to an online resource from the Woodward Library website, you will be prompted to provide your APSU single sign-on (OneStop) credentials to login.

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If you have problems accessing resources from off campus, please call the Library’s Access Services Desk at 931-221-7978 or Ask the InfoHub

Theoretical Framework

A theoretical framework is your guide to build and support your study.  It guides and defines the structure of your research.

Plan Your Search Strategy before Searching

Plan your search strategy carefully before you begin typing words. 

Do you want to start broad and then sift through lots of results?  Do you prefer starting with a small number of precise results, then use each article's list of article references to broaden retrieval?

Broad - Use All or Full Text search which looks throughout the record and full-text article

Less Broad - Use Keyword search limiting to title, abstract and subject headings

Most Precise - (fewest results) Use Subject search limiting to subject headings

Tips for Finding Resources

  • Start with a specific topic & broaden or narrow as necessary
  • Use different words/synonyms to describe your topic (different finding tools may use different words/phrases to describe your topic)
  • Keep a list of keywords and phrases used in each database. When possible, print a copy of your search history from each database
  • Check the database thesaurus or subject terms to find the terms peculiar to that database
  • Search by keyword
  • Use quotation marks " " for a specific phrase: "literature review"
  • Truncate your search term (famil* finds family, families, familial)
  • Use Boolean operators (ANDOR) to combine concepts
  • Limit sources by format and material type
  • Use subjects assigned to one source to find other sources
  • Use the references at the end of an article to find other articles
  • Use the term “Literature Reviews” combined with your topic
  • Export the bliographic information for your resources to a Citation Manager
  • Keep a list of the databases you search. Use the Research Log tab.

Research Process & Tips

Find Secondary Sources (Books and Journal Articles)

Use the Business Research Guide to find, access, manage, and organize your sources.  Under the Article Database tab you will find business-related databases (e.g., ABI/INFORM Complete) to search.  There are several tabs in the Electronic Resources section if you need company, financial, or statistical information for your research.

NOTE: Remember to use a citation manager like EndNote, Zotero, or Mendeley to capture citation information for sources that you find as you are searching a database.  Citations may be exported into citation managers from the database as you are conducting your search.

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