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Music Research Guide: Find Books

This Guide will help you find scholarly resources for researching a topic in your Music courses.

Find Books and Videos



Interested in physically browsing our book collection for books on music? Go to the General Collection, Reference Collection, Video Collection, or New Books Shelf (2nd & 3rd floors) of Woodward Library and look up the following call number ranges. 

Please Note: this list does not represent all titles or subjects of  interest available for research in music. Consult the library's online catalog, Austin, for additional areas of interest. 

Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers 





M3 - M3.1 Coll. wks of individual composers   



M6 - M175.5 Solo instruments

M6 - M39   Keyboard

M40 - M59   Strings

M60 - M111   Winds

M115 - M142   Plucked

M142 - M175.5   Percussion, other

M177- M990 Two or more solo instruments

M180 - M298   Duets

M300 - M386   Trios

M400, M500, etc.   Quartets, quintets, etc.

M1000 - M1075 Orchestra

M1100 - M1160 String orchestra

M1200 - M1366 Bands, jazz & other ensembles

M1375 - M1490 Misc. types, ensembles


M1495 - M2199 VOCAL MUSIC

M1497 - M1998 Secular vocal music

M1500 - M1527   Operas, ballets, etc.

M1528 - M1610   Part songs, choruses

M1611 - M1624   Songs, lieder, etc. *

M1627 - M1853   National/world music *

M1900 - M1985   Misc. secular vocal *

M1990 - M1998 Sacred vocal music

M2000 - M2017   Oratorios, masses, etc.

M2020 - M2101   Choruses, part songs, etc.

M2102 - M2114   Sacred songs

M2115 - M2199   Hymnals, liturgical works *


CLASS ML :  BOOKS ON MUSIC (selections) 

ML47 - ML54 Librettos, song/choral texts
ML159 - ML360 History, by period or country
ML410 Biographies of composers
ML459 - ML1380 Instruments and instr. music
ML1400 - ML3275 Vocal music
ML3544 - ML3775 National/world music
ML3800 - ML3923  social aspects, physics, physiological



MT1 - MT5 General music education

MT5.5 - MT7 Music theory

MT40 - MT67   Composition, musical forms   

MT90 - MT146    Analysis, appreciation

MT170 -MT810 Instrumental techniques *

MT180 - MT255   Keyboard

MT259 - MT338   Strings

MT339 - MT533   Winds

MT539 - MT654   Plucked

MT655 - MT725   Percussion, other

MT728 - MT733   Ensembles, orchestra

MT740 - MT810   Techniques for children

MT820 - MT915  Singing and vocal techniques   

MT918 - MT948  School music

MT955 - MT956  Musical theater




For a complete listing of all LC Call Numbers, go to the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Resources with Electronic Books

Many of the books in these collections will appear in search results from the catalog search above.  They may also be searched individually using the links provided below.  

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