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Open Textbooks, OER, & Alternative Resources for APSU Faculty Members: Find Open Textbooks and Other Open Educational Resources

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An alternative to Mason OER Metafinder is the OASIS search tool.  Please try this resource if the MetaFinder is unavailable.

Resources for Finding Open Textbooks and Free Teaching Materials

Most Open Educational Resources have Creative Commons licenses, which allow you to use the content freely.  However, there may be some with additional types of  restrictions, such as attribution credit requirements or no modification stipulations.

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Search for Free OER Materials Related to your Textbook

Find FREE Online Course Materials Related to a Book

Try 9780077354763 as an example to search for the chemistry textbook shown below.

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Find Which OER are Used Most Often in College Courses (by subject area)

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How much could OER save your students?

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Try this savings calculator from Open Library to find out how much using OER could save your students.

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