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Trial Access for Electronic Resources & Databases: 2013: March 2013

Description and access for NBC Learn

Price Info:

According to IPEDS, your FTE is 8,671 which would make your annual cost for NBC Learn $9,375. We have a few options we can discuss when we get to the point of purchasing that can either lock in this rate or even lower it.

Dates Available:

3-21-2013 to 4-5-2013


In the upper right, click “Sign In”


password: austinpeay

Feedback for NBC Learn

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Feedback for NBC Learn
Yes, please place it on the wish-list of potential purchases: 1 votes (100%)
No, it would not be useful for research by APSU students or faculty members: 0 votes (0%)
No, it is inaccurate or difficult to use: 0 votes (0%)
No, it is a good resource but too expensive: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1

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