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Medical Studies Research Guide: Find Books

This Guide will help you find scholarly resources for researching a topic for fields related to Medical Studies.

Find Books and Videos

Interested in physically browsing our book collection for books on medicine? Go to the General Collection, Reference Collection, Video Collection, or New Books Shelf (2nd & 3rd floors) of Woodward Library and look up the following call number ranges. 

Please Note: this list does not represent all titles or subjects of  interest available for research in medicine. Consult the library's online catalog, Austin, for additional areas of interest. 

Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers 

CLASS R :  Medicine





R    General Medicine.

RA  Public Aspects of Medicine.

RB  Pathology.

RC  Internal Medicine.

RD  Surgery.

RE  Opthalmology.

RF  Ear, Nose, and Throat.

RG  Gynecology, Obstetrics.

RJ  Pediatrics.

RK  Dentistry.

RL  Dermatology.

RM  Therapeutics, Pharmacology.

RS  Pharmacy.

RT  Nursing.

RV  Botanic, Eclectic Medicine.

RX  Homeopathy.

RZ  Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Mental Healing.



Related Fields


BF  Psychology 

HA  Statistics


HB  Population Statistics


HM  Sociology


HV  Social Welfare 


QD  Chemistry


QH  Biology 

QL  Zoology 

QT  Physiology 

S    Agriculture 

SF  Veterinary Medicine 

T    Technology 




For a complete listing of all LC Call Numbers, go to the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Resources with Electronic Books

Many of the books in these collections will appear in search results from the catalog search above.  They may also be searched individually using the links provided below.  

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