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Theatre and Dance Collection Development Guidelines: Collection Development Plan

Theatre and Dance Collection Development Plan

Program Description:

The Theatre and Dance Department is a training program that focuses on the professional skills expected on any stage, set, studio, audition, or in any dance company

Accrediting body:


Degrees offered:

BFA in Acting/Directing, Dance, Design, or Musical Theatre

BA in Acting/Directing, Dance, or Design

Overall Collecting Level Desired:

3: Instructional Support (see description of collecting levels)

Target Areas:

  • New productions
  • Various forms and styles of dance
  • Acting preparations -- auditions, monologues
  • Stage design tools and techniques.

Focus Areas:

  • Musical Theater
  • New productions

Related Subject Areas

  • Health and Human Performance
  • Music



Geographical Emphasis:


Chronological Emphasis:


Noted Publishers:

Silman-James Press, Dramatists Play Service, Samuel French

Preferred Dates of Publication:


Types of Resources:

Books, Audio-visual productions of performances, Textbooks (under special circumstances)

Notes and Other Considerations:


Review Sources:

Choice Reviews Online

Collection Levels by LC Subject Subdivisions

LC Subject Subdivisions
Call # Ranges Subject Collection Level
GT 500 - 1604 Costume, Dress, Fashion  2
GT 2290 - 2339 Hairstyles 2
GV 1580 - 1799 Dancing 3
ML 3400 - 3465 Dance music 2
MT 955 - 960 Production of operas, theater, ballet, etc 3
PE 1700 - 3700 Dialects. Provincialisms 2
PN 1530 - 1559  Monologue. Dialogue 3
PN 1560 - 1599 Performing arts. Show business 3
PN 1600 - 3310 Drama 3
TT 1 -999 Handicrafts. Arts and Crafts 2


Contact Information

Department of Theatre and Dance

Subject Librarian:
Christina Chester-Fangman

Faculty Representative:

General Selection Guidelines

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Subject Librarian

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Christina Chester-Fangman
Office: Library 317, Third Floor
Phone: 931.221.1267

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