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Public Management Collection Development Guidelines: Collection Development Plan

Public Management Collection Development Plan

Program Description:

The library collection supports the “public management program, [where] you will gain the practical work experience – and technical and managerial skills – needed to succeed in a variety of leadership roles.  Your courses and experiences will prepare you for careers in both public, quasi-public, and nonprofit sectors.” (Bulletin).

Accrediting body:


Degrees offered:

Overall Collecting Level Desired:

3: Instructional Support (see description of collecting levels)

Target Areas:

  • Public Personnel  
  • Public Budgeting  
  • Organizational Theory and Behavior  
  • Urban Planning  
  • Policy Analysis
  • Sector Management

Focus Areas:


Related Subject Areas

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Law
  • Political Science



Geographical Emphasis:

United States

Chronological Emphasis:

Titles dealing with contemporary issues and practices receive the highest priority.

Noted Publishers:

SAGE Publishing, Jossey-Bass, McGraw Hill, Praeger, M.E. Sharpe

Preferred Dates of Publication:

Emphasis is on collecting current imprints. Reprints and classic works are acquired as needed, or as replacements for lost or damaged items. 

Types of Resources:

Resources are selected in a variety of print and electronic formats, including books,videos, and special reports and studies local, state, and national government agencies for the study of public management. 

Notes and Other Considerations:


Review Sources:

Choice Reviews Online

Collection Levels by LC Subject Subdivisions

LC Subject Subdivisions
Call # Ranges Subject Collection Level
HJ 1-9940 Public Finance 3
HJ 1-11 Periodical and serials (U.S.) 3
HJ 12-100 Periodicals and serials (other countries) 3
HJ 101-2004 General 3
HJ 2005-3230 Income and expenditure.  The budget 3
HJ 3231-7450 Taxation.  Administration and procedure 3
HJ 7451-8002 Expenditure 3
HJ 8003-8902 Public credit.  Debts.  Loans 3
HJ 9000-9700 Local finance 3
HJ 9701-9995 Public accounting 3
HT 1-1595 Communities. Classes. Races 3
HT 1-100 Communities 3
HT 101-400 Urban groups.  The city.  Urban sociology 3
HT  165.5-169 City planning 3
HT  170-200 Urban renewal 3
HT  201-240 Urban population 3
HT  241-250 Urban ecology 3
HT  251-280 Mental and moral life 3
HT  281-320 Recreation. Amusements 3
HT  321-329 Urban economics 3
HT  330-360 Metropolitan and suburban areas 3
HT  361-387 Urbanization. City and country 3
HT  388-400 Regional planning 3
HT 401-600 Rural groups.  Rural sociology 3
HT 601-1500 Classes 3
HT 1501-1595 Races 3
HV 1-9960 Social Pathology. Social & Public Welfare. Criminology 3
HV 1-39 General social work 3
HV 40-551.1 Social welfare and philanthropic organizations 3
HV 551.2-639 Emergency management. Disasters 3
HV 640-649 Refugees 3
HV 650-679 Accidents. Safety 3
HV 680-696 Medical and other professional services 3
HV 697-4996 Special classes 3
HV 4997-6000 Substance abuse 3
HV 6001-7230 Criminology 3
HV 7231-9960 Criminal justice administration 3
JF 1315.2-2112 Public administration 3
JF 1411-1524 Civil service 3
JF 1525-1600 Special topics (e.g., communications, corruption, ethics, espionage, decision making, planning, confidential information) 3
JF 1601-1819 Civil service 3
JF 1820-1899 Military government 3
JF 1900-2010 Federal districts. Capitals 3
JF 2011-2112 Political parties 3
K 1-7720 Law (General) 3
K 1-84 General 3
K 85-139 Legal profession 3
K 140-200 History of law.  Biography.  Anthropology 3
K 201-519 Jurisprudence.  Philosophy and theory 3
K 520-6999 Comparative law.  International uniform law 3
K 7000-7720 Conflict of laws 3

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