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Political Science Collection Development Guidelines: Collection Development Plan

Political Science Collection Development Plan

Program Description:

The library collection supports the “Political Science program [which] is designed for students who want to work in campaigns and government; teach government and history in high school; or who want a traditional liberal arts major which prepares them to think critically and enter a wide variety of business and other nongovernmental organizations. Our majors with the legal studies concentration are also prepared for law school and graduate school” (Bulletin).

Accrediting body:


Degrees offered:

Overall Collecting Level Desired:

3: Instructional Support (See description of collecting levels)

Target Areas:

  • American institutions and processes
  • International politics
  • Public law
  • African politics
  • Leadership studies
  • Asian politics
  • Political theory
  • European politics
  • Politics and ethics
  • Latin American politics
  • Religion and politics
  • Middle East politics
  • Comparative politics

Focus Areas: 

  • Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

  • Constitutional Analysis

  • Legal Research and Writing

Related Subject Areas:

  • Criminal Justice
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology



Geographical Emphasis:

World, with particular emphasis on United States

Chronological Emphasis:

Top priority is given to materials about the 20th and 21st centuries, with an emphasis on recent materials.

Noted Publishers:

Academy of Political ScienceSAGE Publishing, and Oxford University Press

Preferred Dates of Publication:

Emphasis is on collecting current imprints. Reprints and classic works are acquired as needed, or as replacements for lost or damaged items.

Types of Resources:

Resources are selected in a variety of print and electronic formats, including books, and videos for the study of political science.

Notes and Other Considerations:


Review Sources:

Choice Reviews Online

Collection Levels by LC Subject Subdivisions

LC Subject Subdivisions
Call # Ranges Subject Collection Level
J General legislative and executive papers 3
JA Political science (General) 3
JC  Political theory.  The state.  Theories of the state 3
JC 47 Oriental state 3
JC 49 Islamic state 3
JC 51‑93 Ancient state 3
JC 109‑121 Medieval state 3
JC 131‑273 Modern state 3
JC 311‑314 Nationalism.  Nation state 3
JC 319‑323 Political geography 3
JC 327 Sovereignty 3
JC 328.2 Consensus.  Consent of the governed 3
JC 328.6‑.65 Violence.  Political violence 3
JC 329 Patriotism 3
JC 345‑347 Symbolism 3
JC 348‑497 Forms of the state 3
JC 571‑605 Purpose, functions, and relations of the state 3
JF   Political institutions and public administration 3
JF  20‑1177 General.  Comparative government 3
JF  1338‑2112 Public administration 3
JJ Political institutions and public administration (North America) 3
JK  Political institutions and public administration (United States) 3
JK 1‑9593 United States 3
JK 404‑1685 Government.  Public administration 3
JK 1717‑2217 Political rights.  Practical politics 3
JK 2255‑2391 Political parties 3
JK 2403‑9593 State government 3
JK 9663‑9993 Confederate States of America 3
JL  Political institutions and public administration (Canada, Latin America, etc.) 3
JL 599.5‑839 West Indies.  Caribbean Area 3
JL 1200‑1299 Mexico 3
JL 1400‑1679 Central America 3
JL 1850‑3899 South America 3
JN   Political institutions and public administration (Europe) 3
JN  1‑97 General 3
JN  101‑1371 Great Britain 3
JN  1395‑1571.5 Ireland 3
JN  2301‑3007 France 3
JN  3201‑4944 Germany 3
JN  5201‑5690 Italy 3
JN  6500‑6598 Soviet Union.  Russia.  Former Soviet Republics 3
JN  6690‑6699 Russia (Federation) 3
JQ  Political institutions and public administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.) 3
JQ 21‑1852 Asia 3
JQ 200‑620 India 3
JQ 1070‑1199 Central Asia 3
JQ 1499‑1749 East Asia 3
JQ 1758‑1852 Middle East 3
JQ 1870‑3981 Africa 3
JS   Local government.  Municipal government 3
JS  55‑68 History 3
JS  141‑163 Executive branch.  Mayor 3
JS  171 Legislative branch 3
JS  221‑227 Elections.  Local elections.  Municipal elections 3
JS  241‑271 Local government other than municipal 3
JS  300‑1583 United States 3
JV  Colonies and colonization.  Emigration and immigration.  International migration 3
JV 1‑5397 Colonies and colonization 3
JV 6001‑9480 Emigration and immigration.  International 3
JX  International law, see JZ  and KZ 3
JX (63)‑(191) Collections.  Documents.  Cases 3
JX (220)‑(1195) Collections, cases, etc.  By country 3
JX (1261)‑(1283) Codification of international law 3
JX (1305)‑(1598) Foreign relations 3
JX (1621)‑(1896) Diplomacy 3
JX (1901)‑(1995) International arbitration, organization, etc. 3
JX (2001)‑(6650) International law 3
JZ  International relations 3
JZ 5.5‑18 Periodicals 3
JZ   Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc.,  3
JZ 63‑1153 Sources 3
JZ 1249‑1254 Relation to other disciplines and topics 3
JZ 1305‑2060 Scope of international relations. Political theory.  3
JZ 3674‑3875 State territory and its parts 3
JZ 4835‑5490 International organizations and associations 3
JZ 5511.2‑6300 Promotion of peace.  Peaceful change 3
JZ 6360‑6377 Non‑military coercion 3
JZ 6385‑6405 The armed conflict.  War and order 3
JZ 6422‑6422.5 Neutrality.  Non‑participation in wars.  Norms of neutrality 3
JZ 6530 Humanitarian aspects of war  3
KF Law of the United States 3
KF 1‑9827              Federal law.  Common and collective state law 3
KFT 1‑599                 Tennessee 3
KFX 1‑9999              Individual cities, A‑Z 3
KFZ 1801‑2399           Northwest Territory 3
KFZ 8601‑9199           Confederate States of America 3

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