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Leadership Collection Development Guidelines: Collection Development Plan

Leadership and Organizational Administration Collection Development Plan

Program Description:

The library collection supports the department’s offerings which guides students as they “explore, research and reflect on leadership topics to include foundations of leadership, team building, diversity and inclusivity, ethics, communication, public relations and innovation” (Departmental homepage).

Accrediting body:


Degrees offered:



Overall Collecting Level Desired:

3: Instructional Support (see description of collecting levels)

Target Areas:

  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Ethics
  • Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Innovation

Focus Areas:

  • Community Leadership
  • Followership

Related Subject Areas

  • Business
  • Communications
  • Criminal Justice
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sociology



Geographical Emphasis:

United States

Chronological Emphasis:

Titles dealing with contemporary issues and practices receive the highest priority.

Noted Publishers:


Preferred Dates of Publication:

Emphasis is on collecting current imprints. Reprints and classic works are acquired as needed, or as replacements for lost or damaged items. 

Types of Resources:

Resources are selected in a variety of print and electronic formats, including books,videos, and special reports and studies local, state, and national government agencies for the study of leadership and organizational administration, including hospitality and culinary arts.

Notes and Other Considerations:


Review Sources:

Choice Reviews Online

Collection Levels by LC Subject Subdivisions

LC Subject Subdivisions
Call # Ranges Subject Collection Level
BF 408-426 Creativity.  Imagination 3
BF 431-440 Intelligence 3
BF 441-449 Thinking.  Problem-solving.  Information
BF 501-510 Motivation 3
BF 636-637 Applied psychology 3
HD 30.3 Organizational communication. Internet 3
HV 6001-7230 Criminology 3
HV 7231-9960 Criminal justice administration 3
JF 1315.2-2112 Public administration 3
TX 341-644 Nutrition.  Food supply 3
TX 645-850 Cookery 3
TX 851-900 Dining-room service 3
TX 901-954 Hotels, restaurants, etc. 3
TX 955-1099 Building operation and housekeeping 3

Contact Information

Department of Leadership

Library Liaison
Nancy Gibson

Faculty Representative:
Dr. Robyn Hulsart

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Leadership & Organizational Administration Liaison

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Nancy Gibson
Office: Library 217

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