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Health & Human Performance Collection Development Guidelines: Collection Development Plan

Health & Human Performance Collection Development Plan

Program Description:

The Department of Health & Human Performance provides programs in teacher training, professional preparation and development of competencies in the areas of health education, exercise science and wellness, and provides related field experiences.  The Department offers undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree major of Health & Human Performance.  The Department also offers programs leading to two graduate degrees, the Master of Healthcare Administration and the Master of Science in Health & Human Performance.

Accrediting body:


Degrees offered:

B.S., Health & Human Performance with Applied Exercise Science, Health Care Management, Human Movement, K-12 Teaching, and Public Health Concentrations

M.H.A. (Master of Health Care Administration)

​M.S., Health & Human Performance with Performance Enhancement & Coaching, Public Health Education, and Sport & Wellness Leadership Concentrations

Undergraduate Minors offered include Coaching, Health, and Physical Education

Overall Collecting Level Desired:

3: Instructional Support; (see description of collecting levels)

Target Areas:

  • Health Services Administration
  • Health Care Management
  • Public and Community Health
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Motor Learning

Focus Areas:

  • Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

Related Subject Areas

  • Allied Health
  • Biology
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Leadership and Organizational Administration
  • Nursing
  • Psychology



Geographical Emphasis:

English-language countries, except outdoor life and recreation leadership which are United States only

Chronological Emphasis:

A= Pre 1900; B= 1900-1960; C= 1961-present

Noted Publishers:

Society for Public Health Education, Human Kinetics, American Public Health Association, American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, Johns Hopkins University Press

Preferred Dates of Publication:

2008 - present

Types of Resources:


Notes and Other Considerations:


Review Sources:

Choice Reviews Online, Doody's Core Titles

Collection Levels by LC Subject Subdivisions

LC Subject Subdivisions
Call # Ranges Subject Collection Level
  ​Recreation, Leisure  
GV 1-14 General 3
GV 16-40 Ancient period, first Olympics 3
GV 45-159 Modern history (general) 3
GV 160-187 Recreation, leisure progrms 3
GV 188-191.1 Leisure industry 3
GV 191.2-200 Outdoor recreation. Camping, hiking 3
GV 199.8-200.5 Mountaineering. Wilderness survival 3
GV 200.6-200.9 Caving, spelunking 3
GV 201-556 Physical education (general) 3
GV 557-1198 Sports 3
GV 1202.9-1218.4 Children's games and amusements 3
GV 1469.15-1469.9 ​Computer games, video games ​3
GV 1580-1799 Dancing ​3
  ​Industries. Land use. Labor  
HD 7088-7254 ​Pensions. Social Insurance. Health insurance ​3
  ​Public Aspects of Medicine  
RA 1-1270 Public Aspects of Medicine 3
  ​Other Systems of Medicine  
RZ 400-408 Mental healing 3


Contact Information

Department of Health & Human Performance

Subject Librarian:
Ross Bowron

Faculty Representative:
Kadi Bliss

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HHP Library Liaison

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Ross Bowron
Office: Library 220, Main Floor
Phone: 931.221.7381

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