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Communication Collection Development Guidelines: Communication Collection Development Plan

Communication Collection Development Plan

Program Description:

The Department of Communication offers:

  • a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts with concentrations in Broadcast Media, Corporate Communication, Information Specialist, Journalism, Public Relations, and Sports Communication.  
  • a Minor in Communication Arts, Event Planning, Journalism, Popular Culture, and Weather Broadcasting.
  • a Master's in Communication Arts with specializations in Corporate Communication and General Communication, or concentrations in Marketing Communication and Media Management.

Accrediting body:


Degrees offered:

B.A., B.S., and M.A.

Overall Collecting Level Desired:

2: Basic Information Level;  3: Instructional Support Level (see description of collecting levels)

Target Areas:

  • Audio/Video Media
  • Broadcast Media
  • Communication Education
  • Corporate Communication
  • Media Technologies
  • Print and Web Journalism
  • Public Relations (PR) 

Focus Areas:

  • Event Planning
  • Photojournalism
  • Popular Culture
  • Service Learning
  • Social Media
  • Sports Communication

Related Subject Areas




Geographical Emphasis:

United States

Chronological Emphasis:

Pre-1900 - present

Noted Publishers:

Allen & UnwinOxford University Press, and Silman-James Press

Preferred Dates of Publication:

2009 - present

Types of Resources:

Monographs, handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, anthologies, videos; textbooks may be considered for information not readily obtainable elsewhere

Notes and Other Considerations:


Review Sources:

Choice Reviews Online

Collection Levels by LC Subject Subdivisions

LC Subject Subdivisions
Call # Ranges Subject Collection Level
  Manners and Customs (General)  
GT 3400-3409 Special events. Events management 3
  Social Sciences (Industries. Land use. Labor)  
HD 30.3 Organizational communication. Internet 3
  Social Sciences (Sociology)  
HM 1206-1220 Communication. Mass media 3
HM 1221-1226 Public relations. Publicity 3
HM 1231 Propaganda 2
HM 1236 Public opinion 2
  Music (Literature on music)  
ML 3790-3796 Music industry. Musical life 2
  Philology. Linguistics (General)  
P 87-97 Communication. Mass media 3
  English Language  
PE 3701-3729 Slang. Argot, etc. 2
  Literature: General and Universal Literary History  
PN 1990-1992 Broadcasting 3
PN 1993-1993 Motion pictures 2
PN 4699-6009 Journalism 3


Contact Information

Department of Communication

Subject Librarian:
Christina Chester-Fangman

Faculty Representative:
Dr. Tracy Nichols

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Subject Librarian

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Christina Chester-Fangman
Office: Library 317, Third Floor
Phone: 931.221.1267

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