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Searching the Literature for Evidence-Based Answers: Home

Why search this way?

Information overload, impossible to keep up with everything

  • 23,347 CINAHL articles using nursing as a keyword in 2018
  • 35,688 PubMed articles using nursing as a keyword in 2018

Finding information that is relevant to specific clinical cases

  • EBN searching is used for finding answers to clinical cases that are NOT routine
  • This type of research method is not needed for most routine clinical cases, such as patients with colds

Finding information that is relevant to research needs in classes

  • Using this method follows and reinforces the research process
  • Helps target specific information to help with patient care
  • Following this method simplifies research efforts for papers

Learning the process for this method of searching for information is time consuming at first, but with practice can be faster

The Five A's

Evidence-based practice is a process that starts with a clinical encounter, and ends with an answer.

The process is summed up as the Five A’s:

The library’s role in evidence-based practice

The library’s involvement consists primarily of the first three a’s: assessing, asking, and acquiring.

  • Assessing – Review the situation, determine what is needed, develop knowledge about the problem
  • Asking – Use the information found from assessing the situation to determine specifically what to search for 
  • Acquiring – Search through the available resources to look for information that may be used to resolve the situation

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