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Original Research: Performing the Research

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Performing the Research

At this point, the researcher will perform the research by following the protocols set up in the design and methodology to carry out the experiment. At every step of the experiment, researchers must be diligent about collecting the results and documenting everything that is done. While performing the research, it is important to follow every part of the research in accordance with the design and methodology exactly to avoid adding any elements that may distort the result. If the results are distorted, the step of analyzing the data may be complicated. Accurately recording the details and results from the experiment are vitally important to ensure the analysis provides correct information about the experiment.

Since it is impossible to control everything, there will be occasions when changes need to be made to the experiment due to unforeseen circumstances. When an experiment runs into complications, it is likely that other researchers have run into similar complications. To find out how other researchers have handled these situations, searching the literature may help find previously recorded alternate ways these problems have been resolved. If the researcher finds a potential substitution to use for the experiment, these changes must be submitted to the IRB before enacting them to ensure they will not affect the experiment. If the problem has not been encountered before, the researcher should try to create a logical solution that  falls in line with the research design and method. These changes need to be documented and then submitted to the IRB. After the changes have been incorporated they should be included in the analysis.

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