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Music Scores and Sheet Music: Sheet Music Available Online


Many of the online collections below contain digitized images of sheet music in manuscript (MS) format.  Please view the Manuscript Format tab in the menu above for more information about finding items in this specific format.

Sheet Music Collections

What is sheet music?

Sheet MusicSheet music is best defined by physical format— it occurs as single sheets (printed on one or both sides) and folios. Sheet music is usually a single song arranged for voice and piano (or instrument and piano or just piano).  However, the content of sheet music varies widely— it can be either popular music, solo piano music, sacred and secular choral music, dance music, or other genres.

By contrast, music scores are usually bound like a book (or connected together in some way) and contain all the parts of the original arrangement. For example, a score will show you the staves (plural of staff) for all instruments in the orchestra.

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