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Research Instruction Request Form: Research Instruction Request Form

Research Instruction Request Form

One of the Library's goals is to create students who can successfully negotiate today's information-rich environment, in and out of school.  Please consider arranging advanced instruction for your sophomore, junior and senior level course offerings.  Many teachers find that students produce better finished products after research instruction sessions tailored specifically to the needs of your class.

Complete the form to schedule research instruction.

Name: Email Address:
Course name and number:
Class meeting days & times:
Number of students:
Preferred dates for instruction: Preference 1:
Preference 2:
Preference 3:
Specific class assignment description: (example: "5-page research paper on any pre-Civil War US history topic, using journals, monographs, and at least 1 primary source")
Library research concepts you wish to have covered: Selecting & refining a topic
Selecting search tools
Developing search strategies
Evaluation information sources
Citing Sources
Intellectual property issues (plagiarism, copyright, etc.)
Other comments: